What You Need to Know About E-Participation

The relationship between a government and its people is an effective one that needs to be explored for all the right reasons. Since governments are placed into the picture by the people, they need to be answerable, and a strong form of communication between citizens and the government should always be a part of the same. But how does one do it, and how effective will it be? Well, to get your head around such questions, you need to know more about e-participation and all that it stands to provide.

1. What is E-Participation?

E-participation is nothing but an effective method to encourage public participation in government decision-making or rule. This simple method takes shape through electronic means, and everyone will be able to benefit from the same. Since it also uses information and communication technologies, political participation gets enabled through citizens as they connect with one another. As these create an impact for the better, things are bound to be beneficial.

What Does it Promote


2. What Does it Promote?

Apart from creating channels of communication between the government and its people, e-participation also promotes its effective participation in the process of decision-making. This simple method takes shape for the better, and citizens will be the ones who are going to face the benefits of the same. In this manner, political participation will take a step forward, and citizens will be aware of what is happening around them.

3. How Does it Work?

Participatory processes or the activity of e-participation works with the support of ICT, i.e., information and communication technologies. These methods are used to broaden communication and help citizens connect with one another and also with their elected representatives. As this method goes into the effective means of communication, things will work for the better, and people will be glad about the outcome that comes into the picture.

Is it a Part of Democracy

4. Is it a Part of Democracy?

Yes, e-participation is a part of democracy, and it is widely known as a popular dimension of democracy. Since it is a useful tool for bringing citizens and the government close to one another, it sits well with the definition of democracy. Thanks to that, the benefits that one faces with it will be essential for pushing forward the idea of democracy and all that it stands to depict. Hence, the impact will be a crucial one.


The questions mentioned above talk in-depth about the idea and process of e-participation. Due to that, you would have received a clear picture, and everything will be falling into place. So go ahead and explore the concept further and the many aspects that it provides. Hence, e-participation is quite essential, and you need to understand the same.