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Conference Chairs

Comfortable and luxurious chairs that tend to keep you relaxed throughout the duration of the program.


As the ideal host, our events tend to revolve around your needs, and we always ensure to take things to the right extent.

Conference Programs

Conferences and other related programs stand to define our service, and we make sure to get it going in a manner that counts.



“I have always found their services to be helpful since they bring about a difference through all that they do.”
Robert A Hamilton


“Accessibility and comfort are my takeaways from their service, and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.”
Michel Thomas

Fourth international conference on eParticipation (ePart 2012)

As an international conference, everyone was able to learn a thing or two and explore the many aspects that revolved around the same. With that being said, one should always look forward to attending more of such events.

International ePart Conference 2012

The year 2012 was a special one, and a reason for that is the occurrence of the International EPART Conference 2012. As it rolled down on innovation and other creative aspects, things became a lot more exciting.

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