Electronic Participation (ePart) Conference

The joint conference programme of ePart 2011 and EGOV 2011 is available here.


Tuesday 30 August 2011

11.00-12.30: ePart Opening and Keynote (chair: Ann Macintosh)

ePart Opening by ePart chairs

Jens Hoff: “Youth, social media and politics”


13.30-15.30: Appreciation of social media (chair: Efthimios Tambouris)

Understanding Twitter™ use among parliament representatives: A genre analysis

Øystein Sæbø, Norway

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Left and right in the blogosphere: Ideological differences in online campaigning

Joachim Åström and Martin Karlsson, Sweden

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Social Media and Political Participation: Are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube democrizing our Political Systems?

Robin Effing, Jos Van Hillegersberg and Theo Huibers, Netherlands

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Extracting Semantic Knowledge from Twitter

Peter Teufl and Stefan Kraxberger, Austria

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16.00-18.00: Participation and eServices (chair: Cristiano Maciel)

Policy Gadgets: Paving the Way for Next-Generation Policy Making

Enrico Ferro, Michele Osella, Yannis Charalabidis, Euripidis Loukis and Riccardo Boero, Italy


One for All, All for One - performing citizen driven development of public e-services

Katarina L Gidlund, Sweden

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Talking about public service processes

Bruna Diirr, Renata Araujo and Claudia Cappelli, Brazil

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Innovation and evolution of services: role of initiatives

Anastasiya Yurchyshyna, Abdelaziz Khadraoui, Wanda Opprecht and Michel Léonard, Switzerland

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16.00-17.30: Country Studies (chair: Jeremy Millard)

Measure to Improve: A Study of eParticipation in frontrunner Dutch Municipalities

Anne Fleur Van Veenstra, Marijn Janssen and Andreas Boon, Netherlands

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eParticipation towards Legislation: the Case of the Philippines

Rachel Edita Roxas, Sherwin Ona, Charibeth Cheng and Allan Borra, Philippines


Direct Democracy Catalysed by Resident-to-Resident Online Deliberation

Rean Van Der Merwe and Anthony Meehan , South Africa

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Wednesday 31 August 2011

09.00-10.30: Keynote (chair: Hans de Bruijn)

Valerie A. J. Frissen: “The transparent society: challenges for democracy”



11.00-12.30: Visualising arguments (chair: Euripides Loukis)

Evaluation of an Argument Visualisation Platform by Experts and Policy Makers

Efthimios Tambouris, Effie Dalakiouridou, Eleni Panopoulou and Konstantinos Tarabanis, Greece

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ArgVis: Structuring Political Deliberations Using Visualisation Technologies

Areti Karamanou, Nikolaos Loutas and Konstantinos Tarabanis, Greece

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Argument Visualization for eParticipation: Towards a Research Agenda and Prototype Tool

Neil Benn and Ann Macintosh, United Kingdom

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13.30-15.30: Reviewing eParticipation Initiatives (chair: Georg Aichholzer)

Knowledge as Power on the Internet

Zelinna Pablo and Cynthia Hardy, Philippines

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An overview assessment of ePetitioning tools in the English local government

Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, Christopher Moody and Tony Elliman, United Kingdom

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Who shows preferences in Brazil? Questão Pública, first Voting Advice Application in Latin America

Alejandra Marzuca Perera, Uwe Serdült and Yanina Welp, Switzerland

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Revisiting the Conceptualisation of e-Campaigning: Putting Campaign Back in e-Campaigning Research

Hugo Gong, Miriam Lips and Mary Tate New Zealand

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13.30-15.30: eParticipation methods (chair: Rony Medaglia)

Inform-Consult-Empower: A Three-tiered Approach to eParticipation

Deirdre Lee, Nikos Loutas, Elena Sanchez Nielsen, Esen Mogulkoc and Oli Lacigova , Ireland

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Design Thinking and Participation: Lessons Learned from Three Case Studies

Olivier Glassey, Jean-Henry Morin, Patrick Genoud and Giorgio Pauletto, Switzerland

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A decomposed UTAUT model for analyzing people’s motivation in participatory sensing

Yong Sun and Keiichi Nakata , United Kingdom


System-Generated Requests for Rewriting Proposals

Pietro Speroni di Fenizio and Cyril Velikanov, Portugal

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16.00-18.00: Innovative technologies (chair: Olivier Glassey)

Citizen Engagement with Information Aggregation Markets

Efthimios Bothos, Gregoris Mentzas and Dimitris Apostolou, Greece

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Towards a Structured Online Consultation Tool

Adam Wyner, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon, UK

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A Review of Opinion Mining Methods for Analyzing Citizens’ Contributions in Public Policy Debate

Manolis Maragoudakis, Euripidis Loukis and Yannis Charalabidis, Greece

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SNS-Based eParticipation and Cloud Computing - A Consideration of the Issues Raised

Richard Beales, Maxim Bashevoy, Steve Taylor and Paul Walland, United Kingdom


16.00-18.00: Understanding eParticipation (chair: Øystein Sæbø)

From eGovernment and eDemocracy to eGovernance: a unified view

Rui Pedro Lourenço, Portugal


Parliament, Internet and Representation; The Democratic Promise Unveiled

Josta De Hoog and Jona Specker, Netherlands


Power and Participation in Digital Late Modernity: Towards a Network Logic

Jakob Svensson, Sweden

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eParticipation Research: a Longitudinal Overview

Rony Medaglia, Denmark

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Thursday 1 September 2011

11.00-12.30: Workshop – Part I (chairs: Georg Aichholzer and Herbert Kubicek)

E-participation in local government sustainability policies

Georg Aichholzer and Herbert Kubicek (coordinators), Austria

11.00-12.30: Technology and Societal Problems (chair: Rui Pedro Lourenço)

Evaluation of Open Source Content Management Systems for E-participation

Sabrina Scherer, Stefan Ventzke and Maria Wimmer, Germany


Immigrant Inclusion and eParticipation

Sinikka Sassi and Ilona Tikka, Finland


Combining Social and Government Open Data for Participatory Decision-Making

Evangelos Kalampokis, Michael Hausenblas and Konstantinos Tarabanis, Ireland

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13.30-15.30: Workshop – Part II (chairs: Georg Aichholzer and Herbert Kubicek)

E-participation in local government sustainability policies

Georg Aichholzer and Herbert Kubicek (coordinators), Austria

13.30-15.30: Design and implementation of applications (chair: Pietro Speroni di Fenizio)

iLeger: a Web based Application for Participative Elections

Artur Afonso Sousa, Pedro Agante and Luís Borges Gouveia, Portugal

[abstract] [full paper]

Developers on Demand vs. Users on Demand: Experiences from a Proof-of-Concept Project of the Mobile Augment Application

Annelie Ekelin and Sara Eriksén, Sweden


Platform Design Details to Support eParticipation Environments Deployment

Cristiano Maciel, Cleyton Slaviero, Patrícia Cristiane De Souza, Edie Santana and Marco Aurelio Campos, Brazil

[abstract] [presentation]

Reference Framework for E-participation Projects

Sabrina Scherer and Maria Wimmer, Germany

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Rony Medaglia